Service Experience Design

(Re)design services to optimize customer experience, resulting in a sound
plan and an inspired team. 


(Re)design your service processes to optimize customer experience, resulting in a sound plan, an inspired team and a proven program for transformation. What is customer experience at its peak? From staging to engaging. Appreciate the successes of other top performers. The latest on professional research. And visual results to communicate the benefits to your entire company.

We offer this workshop in Dutch, English and German.

Who is it for?

You want to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, in a lean and improved delivery process. But you do not want to invest highly in, or you are disappointed in, extensive staff training, expensive IT-system change, or ineffective motivational programs. But, at the same time, you want to offer your employees a more rewarding environment to work in.

Why not use your best staff to do the job for you!

What will you get?

Learn to think Brand Driven Services. Bring your customer experience up to the next level, without huge investments in people or IT. A coherent set of five days of workshops will show you how to use modern customer experience thinking as a means of quickly improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our proven and successful workshop concept on the basis of a validated transformation model, the latest academic insights and valuable experience in highly successful companies in recent years. Your benefit is primarily an optimized customer process.

But there’s more! On the fifth day, you will also have a visual statement of what this new process looks like, for workshop participants to share with their colleagues in their departments. Moreover, after this workshop, the participants will be able to optimize all other company processes, all by themselves, without external support!

How long does it take?

This customized program requires an investment of five days, over a period of six months. Participants are required to be present at all five days. They will also be involved in assignments, such as on collecting customer insight, to be estimated at a half day per workshop day. This is an in-company training. Engage your cross functional team of 7 – 14 of your best people in a five day workshop program.

OK! I want to know more

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“Co-creating the next level of customer experience. Inspiring!” – 2014 ADMAR VAN MEER, DIRECTOR ENECO INSTALLATIEBEDRIJVEN


Customer Experience Design Workshop; dé manier om de verbinding te leggen tussen strategie en praktijk, en management en medewerkers. In het belang van onze gewaardeerde klanten!“- 2015 JEROEN KOK, HEAD MARKETING & SALES ENECO


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